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123 HP Printer Setup & Troubleshooting AiO Guidance

HP is the leading manufacturer of printers that are sold widely in many countries

HP printers are designed to meet any situation including home, home office, small to large businesses, enterprises, and digital press. We assist you in choosing the best HP Printer.

Purchase your HP Printer and contact us. Our dedicated team of technical experts helps you with the 123 HP Printer Setup instructions, Iprint Setup, installation guidelines, Driver download, and Printer troubleshooting various errors that may occur in your printer.

123 HP printer setup

What is Printer?

A printer is an electronic machine that accepts text and graphic outputs from a computer or mobile device and prints the information on a paper. Printers differ in size, speed, performance, and cost. Apart from printing documents, iPrint, printers are also used to print photos, envelopes, cards, and labels.


HP Printer Assistant

HP Printer Assistant is a software designed for Windows devices. You can perform many printer-related tasks such as scanning, ordering ink cartridges, checking ink levels, Printer Troubleshooting and much more.


HP Printer Support

We, a team of dedicated professionals are ready to provide software installation, iprint Setup, Printer Troubleshooting support for your HP printer. Shoot us with questions about your printer and get the best fix instantly.


HP Printer App Wireless

HP Printer App Guidance. To print wirelessly, you require an application to build communication between your printer and host device. HP Printer app is the application and it is available in Google Play Store.


HP Remote Printer App

Remote Print Guidance. The HP Remote printer app allows you to access the HP Printer Remotely. With this application, you can easily print from anywhere & anytime, provided you have an active internet connection.


Top HP Printer Models

HP manufactures a wide range of printers that deliver extraordinary print quality at an affordable costM. Each printer series possesses special functionality with respect to iprint, printing, copying, and scanning. The following is the list of HP printer series. Click the Read More button below each topic to learn more about the printer models.

HP Envy Printer

HP Envy Printers

HP Envy printers are the successors of HP PhotoSmart printers. They deliver outputs with excellent color quality.

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Hp OJPRO Printer

HP Officejet Pro Printers

They are the next-gen printers with an advancement in technology, designed to meet all your business needs.

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Hp OJPRO Printer

HP Officejet Pro Printers

They are the next-gen printers with an advancement in technology, designed to meet all your business needs.

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hp deskjet printer

HP Deskjet Printers

Compact printers that are developed to meet both your home and office needs. They are affordable and portable.

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hp pagewide printer

HP Pagewide Printers

HP Pagewide printer series delivers laser-quality outputs. They can manage your office and business works.

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Hp sprocket printer

HP Sprocket Printer

Print Photos instantly with the help of HP Sprocket Printers. They weigh less and size is that of a mobile.

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Hp LJ Printer Guide

HP Laserjet Printers

HP Laserjet Printers work with laser technology, supports monochrome and color, and suitable for enterprises.

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Hp Photosmart Printer Guidance

HP Photosmart Printers

Photosmart printers are perfect for professional photographers. They deliver brilliant-color output.

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Hp AMP Printer Guide

HP AMP Printers

Use your printer for printing and connect it to a smartphone to use it as a speaker.

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Hp AMP Printer Guide

HP AMP Printers

Use your printer for printing and connect it to a smartphone to use it as a speaker.

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Hp LJPRO Printer Assistant

Laserjet Pro Printer

The advanced version of HP LaserJet printers. They possess security options that safeguards your printer.

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Comparison Between HP, Canon, Brother and Epson Printer


123 HP Printer Setup provide few advanced features that you cannot find in printers of different brands at an equivalent price. The following table is a comparison chart that helps you distinguish between the top Printers.

  Premium Printer Superior Printers
  HP Printer Epson Printer Canon Printer Brother Printer


HP Printer Setup Epson Printer Setup Canon Printer Guidance Brother Printer Setup
REASONS TO BUY Compact, affordable, and smartly designed. Economic print costs. High-quality texts and patterns. Easy setup and installation.
WIRELESS PRINTING Inbuilt Wi-Fi facility, HP Wireless Direct, HP Auto Wireless Connect. Built-in Wi-Fi option. Inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, Network Sharing. Wi-Fi option, Bluetooth connectivity.
MOBILE PRINTING CAPABILITY HP Smart app, Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, and Bluetooth connectivity. Cloud printing. CANON application. Cloud Service Integration.
PRICING and SPACING Affordable cost. Light in weight and compact (for home and office use). Priced minimally. Smaller when compared to Canon printers. A little bit pricey to buy. Suited for traveling professionals. High cost. Best suited for business purposes.
PRINT QUALITY Excellent print quality with crispy texts and high-resolution images. Solid print qualities. Perfectly suited for printing photos. Supports both Mono and Color printing.

[NEW & TOP] 123 HP Printer Setup Models

Direct access to the best performing printer’s setup, Troubleshooting instructions is given below. All you have to do is a single click on the printer model that you own and set it up imagining the joy of printing.


HP Envy 5055

Enjoy the benefits of a stable and reliable wireless connection with HP Envy 5055. Click here for speedier print outputs from the Bluetooth feature.


HP Officejet 5255

Click on the printer model to setup the printer wirelessly and print from your mobile device using iprint, etc…


HP Officejet 6800

This printer has stolen the hearts of home & office customers with its increased productivity. Click on the model name of the printer to set it up and Printer Troubleshooting Quickly.


HP Deskjet 3700

HP Deskjet 3700 has always been a most-wanted printer fulfilling your home printing needs. Check our first-time printer setup & Printer Troubleshooting instructions here.

Get Instant Solution for 123 HP printer setup Installation and Troubleshooting

Call us for Installing your Printer Software, Diagnostics Application like iprint, airprint and other Printer Troubleshooting.


First-Time Printer Setup – Guidance



Unboxing the Printer

Open the package, take the printer and its accessories out. “Remove” all the “tapes” and other packing materials from the HP printer. Check whether the accessories are delivered correctly without any damage.


Power Connection

Take the “power cable” out of its cover. Insert one end of the cable to the power port at the printer’s rear. “Plug” the other end (socket-end) to a working power supply (wall power outlet is recommended).


Paper and Ink

Pull the “input tray”, extend the paper width guides to maximum limit, “load” the tray with a stack of A4 sheets, and push the tray. “Unlock” the cartridge access door and insert the ink cartridges into the designated slots.


Network Connection

“Turn ON” the printer and enable the Wi-Fi feature. Power ON your Router and ensure that the internet signal is strong and active. Select the desired wireless network on the 123 HP printer setup control panel manually.


Printer Wireless Setup & Connection

Connecting your printer to a wireless network can be done through the inbuilt Wi-Fi option, HP Wireless Direct, HP Auto Wireless Connect, Bluetooth feature. Click the View More button below to learn more about the wireless network connection.

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HP Wireless Printer Setup

Activate the wifi feature

Connect the printer to a power supply and turn it on. Press/Touch the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.

Switch ON your Access Point

Turn on your router and ensure that the internet connection is active. Before initializing the router, turn off all the other wireless networks if any.

Build the Network Connection

The printer scans and connects to the nearest network automatically. If the auto-connection fails, select the network manually.


How to setup Printer Remotely?

The HP Remote application allows you to access your printers from anywhere any time, provided your devices are remotely connected and you have an active internet connection. Printing through a remote connection is more secure.

How to Find WPS Pin?

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) connectivity method helps you to secure a wireless network connection from threats and unauthorized access. The “WPS pin” is inscribed on a sticker at the rear of the router.

123 HP printer setup

How to Print IP Address?

Connect the Printer to your wireless network’s access point. Print a network test report that comprises the network name, IP address, and connection status. Use the IP address to open the printer’s EWS page

How to Reset Default Password?

When you connect the 123 HP printer setup to a secure wireless network, it prompts you to enter the username and password on the display. For most printer’s, the default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is also ‘admin’.

How to Enable Bluetooth HP setup?

Nowadays, most HP printers are equipped with the Bluetooth feature. To establish a Bluetooth setup, enable the Bluetooth feature on your printer and host device. Perform the pairing process to connect both devices.


How to Connect

Printer to WiFi?


Turn ON your printer. “Open” the “Control Panel” settings and navigate to the Wireless Settings menu. “Tap” the Wireless option and slide the toggle switch on top of the screen. The Wi-Fi option turns on.

Enable the wireless access point. If the auto-connection is enabled, the printer’s Wi-Fi connects to your network automatically. If the auto-connection feature is disabled, choose the desired network on the printer’s control panel manually.

Connect printer to mac

How to Connect HP Printer to Mac

Take the USB cable accompanied by the printer. Plug the USB cable with one end into the printer’s USB slot and the other end to the USB port on your Mac device.

print from iphone to HP printer Setup

How to Print from iPhone?

AirPrint is a print application embedded within iPhones. Launch the iprint application on your iPhone and tap Start. Skip the tutorial and perform the Registration.

hp ink cartridge
HP Printer Print Head Assistant

HP Printer Ink Cartridge & Print Head Assist

HP printers are color printers that exclude few printer models. When you purchase a new printer, it is accompanied by a set of black and tricolor (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) ink cartridges. The printhead is a component used to distribute ink on papers.


HP printer setup – Mobile Printing Guidance

As the advancement in technology increases, the printing capability of printers has also increased. The mobile printing capability is the next-gen technology included in the HP printers.


Cloud Print Setup

With the Google Cloud Print feature, you can print documents and photos from your Cloud only if the printer is synchronized with your Google Account.


ePrint Setup

HP ePrint allows printing from your mobile devices (both Android and iOS). Before printing, you can customize the file as per the requirements.


Airprint setup

AirPrint application is solely designed for iPhones and iPads. After registering your printer with the AirPrint, add your printer to the print queue and start printing.



Launch the Play Store application (either Google Play Store or iStore) on your mobile device. Install the HP Smart application, open it, and complete the registration process.

HP printer setup mobile printing

HP Printer Troubleshooting Guidance

Although Hp printers are designed to deliver high efficiency and performance, they throw multiple issues. There are multiple problems that affect a printer. The most common issues are print-copy-scan problems, printer offline error, printer not found error, ink cartridge defects, printhead problem, hardware issues, and much more. Printer Troubleshooting such issues online with us and enjoy uninterrupted printing experience.

Error state Guidance

HP Printer in Error State

If the HP printer you are using is in an error state, the error is indicated on the printer’s control panel. Contact us to resolve the issue.

How to Fix Printer Offline Issue?

How to Get HP Printer Online?

Power ON the wireless access point (the internet connection should be active), enable the Wi-Fi feature on your printer and connect it to the access point.

where is WPS Pin on HP Printer?

WPS Pin on HP Printer

The WPS pin for accessing your secure WAP is inscribed on a sticker at the bottom of the HP printer setup. It is also included in the email sent to you during purchase.

How to Reset HP Printer?

How to Reset HP Printer

Open the “Settings menu” on the printer. Select the “Factory Reset” option. Click OK when prompted and wait until the reset process completes.



Tired of Printer troubleshooting your printer problems on your own? Fed up repeating the same process for a long time? Could not find the best doctor for your printer? Do not lose hope! We are here to assist! We value the time of our customers! Give a contact us->tell us your query->relax with a cup of coffee->our experts will respond with a quick solution. Our technical experts are into this field for more than ten years and we strictly follow ethical & professional standards.


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